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Solar Panel

Are you concerned about the integrity of the environment or perhaps looking for new ways at benefiting from the energy the environment has to offer? Do you already own a specific energy system, and would like to lower your carbon emissions?

Solar panels work by converting light photons into electricity through the solar photovoltaic (PV) effect. This allows for direct conversion of sunlight into solar power, or electricity. Solar panels use layers of semi-conducting material, most commonly silicon. PV’s are measured by kilowatts peak (KWp).

SolarIndia is among level 2 sunlight based organizations in India. It makes Solar Panel from 40 watt to 335 watts in poly crystalline and mono crystalline innovation. Glowing sun powered boards are produced using a square of silicon comprising extensive number of precious stones. It is exceptionally proficient sun powered boards for sunlight based power age. The effectiveness of SolarIndia poly crystalline is 15-16% while, the proficiency of brilliant mono crystalline boards are up to 19%. SolarIndia sun based board could cost you roughly INR 35 – INR 60 for every watt of intensity created in India, contingent on the brand and the amounts you purchase.

Types of Solar Panels in India

There are two types of solar panels available in India, such as:

  1. Mono Crystalline Solar Panel
  2. Poly Crystalline Solar Panel

Difference in Polycrystalline and Monocrystalline Solar Panels

Criteria Mono Crystalline panels Poly Crystalline panels
Efficiency High efficiency 17-20% Less efficiency 13-16 %
Design & Looks Made of single silicon cells – all cells are black in color Made of multiple silicon cells – looks  blueish in color
Space Occupies less rooftop space Takes more space
Performance Performs better even in low light Low efficiency in cloudy weather
Price Expensive Relatively low price
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