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Increasing cost and requirement of traditional energy is creating problems in every one’s life. Nature is providing us end less energy at free of cost with SUN.
Solar cooking is using heat energy of sun to cook food. It is a simple, safe, and convenient way to cook without consuming any fuel.
Solar cooker shown alongside is developed for a normal family size of 4 to 5 members. Cooker body is twin wall aluminium / GI sheet fabricated with insulation. Twin glass sheets with air insulation allow for maximum solar heat entrapment. Three or Four containers are provided to cook food. These containers are blackodized. The hinged cover to the cooker has a reflecting mirror and the angle of the mirror can be varied. This type of cooker is saving an enormous amount of fuel every year.
The sun’s rays are received in an insulated black box with a transparent lid which lets in the sun’s rays. Inside the box, this sunshine turns to heat which is trapped in the box. The effect is similar to the oven in your kitchen.
Solar cookers use no fuel, which means that their users do not need to pay for firewood, gas, electricity, or other fuels. Therefore, over time a solar cooker can pay for itself in reduced fuel costs. Since it reduces LPG, electric, firewood use, the solar cooker reduces carbon emission, deforestation and habitat loss.