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SOLAR INDIA was established in 1994 as an supplier for various SOLAR & NON CONVENTIONAL ENERGY PRODUCTS like ,solar water heating systems,solar Inverters, Solar Home lights, Solar Lanterns,solar torches,solar hot air generates,solar dryers,biomass gasifier based thermal and power generation systems,bio gas plant,mini wind power systems and other related products. We have come up with a range of products to cater this market.

Why Solar Energy?

Converts light energy of the Sun into Direct Current (DC) power through Photo voltaic (PV) technology

Silicon based solar cells are laminated with glass and other material

Each panel typically has a power rating of 340 – Watt and the smallest rooftop solar project is typically 1 Kilowatt (KW) i.e. 3 panels

There are two crystalline solar technologies – Mono-crystalline and Poly-crystalline

Solar India prefers high efficiency Mono-crystalline solar panels for they have better performance in Indian conditions

Since India is in the northern hemisphere, solar panels face south, at the angle of inclination, which is ideally the latitude of the location

1 KW and the Rule of 100: 1 KW typically takes up 100 sq.ft., generates about 100 units of energy in a month and weighs about 100 Kgs